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We stand for the great principles of the Founding Fathers; liberty and justice, for all, including the less advantaged and not just the privileged and powerful few. The fundamental bedrock we stand firm on is equality, fairness and social justice. Our Club's mission is to promote these beliefs and principles at our local community level and to aid Democratic candidates in their election efforts.

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Sierra Club: State Lawmakers Get Low Marks

Latest Scorecard Shows House Members Get a “D” and Senate Receives a Failing Grade On Key Environmental Votes

LANSING - The Sierra Club Michigan Chapter today released its Legislative Scorecard, which tracked environmental voting behavior of  state House and Senate members during the 2013-14 legislative session. The Michigan Senate scored an average failing grade of 48 percent, with the House receiving a narrow passing grade of 60 percent. While the Scorecard generally showed that Democrats voted to maintain or strengthen environmental protections- more disturbingly - it showed Republicans generally voted to weaken or eliminate environmental protections. Read More HERE.