Monthly Meeting


     October 18, 2016


It’s the last meeting before the 2016 Election!

Minutes of the last meeting are available.
Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance.
Welcome and Introductions:
--  Distinguished Attendees, New Members and Guests.
Guest Speakers:
Ryan O’Connor – Hillary Clinton for President
Let’s work to get out the vote!
Let’s work to get volunteers for all of our candidates!
Let’s work to raise some last minute money!
Let’s distribute yard signs and literature!
Let’s verify that we are registered to vote!
Let’s verify that our polling locations haven’t changed!
Let’s take the day off on November 8th, so we can
    volunteer as poll workers, or to give people rides to
     the polls on Election Day.
Let’s drag 5 other people to the polls with us!
Let’s make sure we turn in our Absentee Ballots!
New Business / Old Business
Announcements + Good and Welfare
Upcoming meetings & events. 
50/50 raffle.
John will invite everyone to stay for informal discussion.

You'll find instant welcoming friendship at the Waterford Democratic Club. We meet once a month starting with a potluck buffet of good food and soft drinks and usually feature interesting and often well-known speakers to address us on the important political issues of our time.

We're your neighbors, your shopkeepers, your union friends, your school teachers and your elected officials among others in our community. We're a large part of Waterford and our surrounding communities. And we'd be larger with you and with what you can bring to the party. Join us. We'll be even stronger. And you and we will all be the better because of it.

Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m at the Waterford VFW 1008,  1690 Airport Rd., Waterford, MI.

Here's some information on the candidates running for office this year.  Please contact them to volunteer or donate...


Please contact these Democratic campaigns and volunteer to help out or donate!


  • Remember to vote in Michigan’s Primary Election on August 2, 2016!
  • The last day to register to vote in Michigan for the November General is October 11th!
  • Remember to vote in the General Election on November 8, 2016!

11th US Congressional District
    Dr. Anil Kumar (running unopposed)
        Web Site:
        Contact to volunteer:  Mike Kernan, 586-553-5279.

State House District 43
    Ted Villella (running unopposed
        Contact to volunteer:  248-881-3602

State House District 44
    Mark Venie (running unopposed)
        Contact to volunteer:  248-634-0376

Oakland County Executive
    Vikki Barnett
        Call to Volunteer:  248-227-0945
    Mark Danowski

Oakland County Clerk
    Lisa Brown

Michael D. Smith, Democratic Candidate
Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds
Michael D. Smith for County Clerk
P.O. Box 60
Union Lake, MI 48387


Oakland County Sheriff
    Craig S. Covey
        Web Site:
        Contact to Volunteer:  248-721-6434

Oakland County Treasurer
    Andy Meisner (incumbent)
        Web Site:
        Contact to volunteer:  Melissa Bernardi, 248-820-7112.

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner
    Jim Nash (incumbent) 

Oakland County Commissioner Districts 4, 5, and 6.
    District 4
        Phillip Reid
    District 5
        Jane Felice-Boudreau
            Phone:  248-875-5814
        Julia A. Pulver
    District 6
        Kimberly Troutt (unopposed)

Oakland Community College Board of Trustees
    Dr. Pam Jackson
        Make check payable to:  Committee to Elect Pam Jackson
        Send it to:  5736 Lancaster Lane, Commerce Township, MI  48382
        Phone:  248-767-4240

Waterford Township Clerk:
    Rita Holloway Irwin (unopposed)
        Web Site: 

Waterford Township Board Trustee
    Donna Kelley (Current Trustee)
    Robin McGregor
        Web Site:
    Kent Douglas
        Web Site:
        Make check payable to:  Kent Douglas for Trustee
        Send it to:  2191 Kohler St., Waterford, MI  48329
    Matt McClure
        Web Site:
        Make check payable to:  Matthew K McClure for Waterford 2016

Waterford Township School Board
    Eric Lindemier
        Make check payable to:  Eric Lindemier for Waterford Schools
        Send it to:  5401 Cohoctah, Waterford, MI  48327